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Retaining Walls and Rockeries in Snohomish

Sloped inclines, mountainous landscapes, and rolling hills are part of the beauty that defines owning property in Snohomish County. However, some properties have too much slanting and sloping, which can become a muddy problem when it rains.

If you live on a property with slopes and inclination, landscaping is awkward, burdensome, and presents troublesome work. If your house is built on a slope, you need excavation services to level the ground, and make it workable.

One solution is to install retaining walls and rockeries. Ivan’s Landscaping and Construction, LLC designs and constructs retaining walls to give your yard a beautiful appearance. Our retaining walls add extra space, dimension, and character while protecting your yard.

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Retaining walls are an organized structure of rocks that support the earth and retain soil. A difficulty living in the Pacific Northwest is the abundance of rain that uncontrollably flows through yards due to improper drainage.

Erosion is a threat to your house and property if there is nothing to stop mudslides or water leakage into your house or your neighbor’s yard. 

According to and the department of construction & inspections, “A retaining wall is a structure designed to support soil at a steeper angle than the soil could stand on its own; it may or may not be attached to a building. A rockery consists of placed rocks used to control soil erosion.”

Professional retaining wall contractors build walls and rockeries from boulders, rocks, stones, pavers, and concrete blocks. Retaining walls hold back earth that would otherwise fall onto a building or other structure. 

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Reasons to build a retaining wall

  • Retaining walls are functional and arranged uniquely and customizable to your yard. Whether you are looking for a simple way to separate parts of your lawn or add more level space to your sloped terrain, we can modify the design of retaining walls to help you achieve your landscaping goals.
  • Retaining walls add extra space for gardens and give your plants, flowers, and vegetation a lift (off the ground) while deterring slugs and rodents from eating your harvest!
  • Soil’s movement is inevitable, and without retaining walls, your landscape can become hazardous. Retaining walls help keep your home and the land surrounding it stable by preventing soil from moving.

The benefits of Retaining Walls and Rockeries are:

  1. Retaining walls stabilize and support the earth.
  2. Makes great use of the property’s space
  3. Stabilizes and supports soil
  4. Ensures proper drainage
  5. Produces a clean and orderly look
  6. Customized to highlight the focal points
  7. Retaining walls combat the gravity that pulls down mud and soil.
  8. Looks professional, sleek, and affluent
  9. Enhances the look of your house
  10. Make a smaller house appear grand

Rockeries can add elegance to your landscaping with the right design


Planning your dream home—or even just the landscaping around it—can be daunting. It’s hard to know which features will work best, especially when it comes to retaining walls and rockeries. Fortunately, there’s hope. Ivan’s Landscaping and Construction, LLC is your answer.

Once you’ve decided that a retaining wall is necessary for your backyard or garden needs, the next step is to determine how best to add this feature. We will guide you to determine the best place for your retaining wall.

Rockeries can be used to create a natural or rustic look; however, these styles aren’t for every garden. To decide whether rockeries are right for you, call us, and we’ll take a look and talk to you from a professional’s standpoint.

While some people may choose to use rocks in their landscaping because they’re easy to find and inexpensive, this isn’t always the case. Some rock types are harder than others, so it’s important to consider how much is in your budget and how much effort you’ll need to care for them over time. We’ll help you establish what is needed, whether your budget is big or small.

The Difference is Ivan’s Landscaping and Construction, LLC.

Designing and building retaining walls takes skill from a master team that includes expert designers and experienced excavation professionals. That is why Snohomish chooses Ivan’s Landscaping & Construction, LLC for the #1 retaining wall experts.

We strive to deliver the look and feel of what you have in mind for your yard. The first thing we do is listen to your goals and concerns. Then, we develop a plan that fits comfortably with your vision. We’ll share key suggestions to help save money on your project. We offer you the best and current industry techniques that produce quality function and design.

At Ivan’s Landscaping & Construction, LLC, we give our clients the solutions to enhance their home’s outdoor appearance and create functional landscapes. We give our clients the solutions to enhance their exterior space with creative and practical designs.

We are flexible and have several services that cater to your project. We’re an innovative local Snohomish company with over 60 years of combined experience. Our customers are our #1 priority; we offer professionalism, courtesy, and commitment.


“Ivan and his team did a fabulous job with our backyard and front yard. We had drainage and lawn issues from a previous owner, and they were able to address these efficiently. His team was timely, listened to our needs, and gave great advice and recommendations. We would  absolutely use them again and highly recommend them for any landscaping projects you may have.” -
Kelsey Cummings

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