Affordable French Drain Installation & Services – Snohomish

Affordable French Drain Installation & Services - Snohomish

Improper drainage on your property can make for big problems. Water that pools in low areas or flows close to your home will damage your property and provide an ideal environment for mold growth, mildew, and mosquitoes. 

Uncontrolled water on your property can flood your home during heavy rain. It will seep into the basement and cause damage to your house’s foundation, electrical wiring, or anything else water can soak up.

Rainwater can cause much damage if allowed to seep through the ground and pool in your yard. If you have standing water that isn’t draining properly, it could lead to flooding and soil erosion. That’s why it’s important for homes built in areas with heavy rainfall to have French drains installed around their perimeter. Underground drainage pipes channel water away from the surface and prevent it from pooling anywhere on the property.

People end up paying thousands because they didn’t take care of the uncontrolled water drainage in time, and their houses were damaged. Some water drainage can be extremely out of control and flood the neighbor’s yard. If water from your yard has seeped into your neighbor’s property, call us immediately so that we can fix it.

Before landscaping can begin, drainage on the property must be contained first and then coerced in the right direction. Standing water turns into mud, debris, and odors around your home. The only way to control the damaging effects of an unlevel property that collects water is by digging a trench and lining it with gravel or rocks to divert water from your property. This trench system is called a French drain.

Ivan’s Landscaping provides water drainage solutions to Snohomish homeowners.

Ivan’s Excavation, Landscaping & Constructions offers an all-in-one solution to your landscaping and drainage needs. We are an innovative local company with over 20 years of combined experience in the landscaping and construction industry. We can design your landscape while saving your property from the deterrents of uncontrolled water drainage. 

Our landscape maintenance experts will work with you to develop a customizable landscape that fits your needs. Protecting your property now will save you money in the long run. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your landscaping needs fit your budget.

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French drains are simple, trench-like systems that help divert water away from places where it can cause problems.

French drains are simple, trench-like systems that help divert water away from places where it can cause problems. Landscape contractors & excavation experts such as Ivan’s Landscaping install French drains in areas where water naturally pools or gets stuck.

Installing French drains in low-lying areas and places near foundations or other structures is necessary. These problems can be especially true in older homes with sump pumps and no drainage system, leading to basement flooding and mold issues. French drains are an important part of landscaping projects, such as if you want to create a pond or stream at your home while still keeping your yard dry!

French drains are good in areas where water naturally pools or tends to get stuck. These include low-level areas, places near foundations, and places near other structures (such as a garage). They’re also built in areas that get a lot of heavy rain. Additionally, snow can cause water problems if it melts too quickly and rushes into the ground; French drains help prevent this by directing runoff away from your home’s foundation. Finally, French drains are frequently installed in sunny spots because they need direct sunlight to work effectively—and they’re effective in areas with a lot of rain.

The French Drain Solution

When you call Ivan’s Excavating, Landscaping & Construction, you will get to tell us all about your drainage problems. We understand water drainage and how to design it to flow off your property safely.

French drains are installed by digging a trench, layering the trench with fabric, adding a gravel bed, inlet grates to capture the water, and a pipe that lays over the stone gravel. Topsoil covers the top of the pipe. Installing French drains is the best way to protect your property and enable water to flow in the right direction. Ivan’s Landscaping installs French drains perfectly and professionally.

These are the steps (simplified) to installing French drains. These steps are not precise instructions but give you a general idea of the process.

  1. The first thing we’ll do is find the standing water areas around your property. We’ll choose the best outlet for runoff water. We find the highest ground area so we can direct the water downward and off the property.
  2. Next, we’ll plan where the trench will be and mark the area so we know where to dig. Naturally, we need to know where all your underground utilities are so that nothing is damaged. We may also need permits to dig on your property. We can help you get these and will review any necessary regulations during our consultation. Just ask if you have any questions, and we will discuss those very important details.
  3. Once everything is in place, we will dig the trench. We own all the necessary equipment, and you do not need to rent anything extra. 
  4. We’ll want to avoid leaves, dirt, and debris from getting into the drain, so before we lay down the perforated piping, we’ll install a water-resistant fabric throughout the trench.
  5. Finally, the pipe is laid into the trench, tested for proper functioning, then we top it off with gravel, another layer of cloth protection, and finally, the topsoil.

Pretty soon, your yard and landscape will be a beautiful, functional area for you to enjoy. Most importantly, your property will remain dry with Snohomish French drain installation.

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